TESDA Automotive Body Repairing NC II

TESDA provides a detailed training program for those aiming to excel in automotive body repair. The Automotive Body Repairing NC II course is designed to give participants the necessary skills and knowledge to repair light and heavy-duty vehicle bodies and panels. Following the manufacturer’s manuals, the program teaches efficient use of hand and power tools, along with welding equipment.

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The course curriculum focuses on skills needed for the automotive body repair industry. Trainees go through modules covering vehicle body repair from planning and preparing, dismantling accessories, disassembling, cleaning, inspecting parts, to basic benchwork. They also learn about body panel alignment and applying anti-corrosion methods. TESDA’s goal is to train highly skilled professionals for the automotive repair industry.

TESDA Automotive Body Repairing NC II

What is Automotive Body Repairing NC II?

This course focuses on teaching the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for automotive body repair, including working on light and heavy-duty vehicles using various tools and welding equipment.

A person with this Qualification is qualified to be:

  • Automotive Body Repair Mechanic
  • Automotive Body Repairer
  • Automotive Panel Beater & Welder


  1. Acquire skills in repairing automotive bodies and panels for both light and heavy-duty vehicles, ensuring vehicles meet manufacturer’s specifications.
  2. Gain proficiency in using hand and power tools, as well as welding equipment, enhancing your technical and practical skills.
  3. Learn to meticulously plan and prepare for jobs, improving project management and organizational capabilities.
  4. Master the dismantling, disassembling, cleaning, and inspection of automotive parts, increasing your attention to detail and precision.
  5. Develop expertise in basic benchwork and anti-corrosion applications, broadening your skill set for a variety of automotive repair tasks.

Units of Competency

This Qualification consists of the following Units of Competency


  • Participate in Workplace Communication
  • Work in Team Environment
  • Practice Career Professionalism
  • Practice Occupational Health and Safety Procedures


  • Apply Appropriate Sealant/Adhesive
  • Move and Position Vehicle
  • Perform Mensuration and Calculation
  • Read, Interpret and Apply Specifications and Manuals
  • Use and Apply Lubricant/Coolant
  • Perform Shop Maintenance


  • Prepare Vehicle Body for Repair
  • Repair Body Panel
  • Replace Damaged Parts with Pre-Fabricated Parts

Sample of Certificate of Completion


Training Duration

  • Basic: 18 hours
  • Common: 20 hours
  • Core: 80

Total: 118 hours


This section outlines trainee qualifications, educational backgrounds, and other needs such as health and physical conditions. It may also specify the need for passing entry exams if required.

  • Can communicate orally and in writing
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Good moral character


  1. PSA Birth Certificate
  2. High School or College Diploma
  3. Certified True Copy of Official Transcript of Records or Form 137
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character or GMRC
  5. 1 x 1 and/or 2 x 2 pictures

For more information, contact the enrollment site that meets your needs. Note that criteria may vary.

Trainer Qualifications

  • Computer literate
  • For government jobs, civil service eligibility or professional license needed
  • Minimum 2 years of job/industry experience
  • Must have Automotive Body Repairing NC III
  • Need Training Methodology II (TM II) training
  • Physically and mentally fit

Video: How to get Tesda National Certificate Online

If you are looking to enhance your skills and qualifications, getting a Tesda National Certificate is a great way to do so. And with the convenience of technology, it is now possible to get your certificate online.

In this video, you will learn how to apply for and obtain your Tesda National Certificate through their online platform

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can enroll in the Automotive Body Repairing NC II course?

A: Anyone with a high school or college diploma, good moral character, and physically and mentally fit can enroll.

2. What skills will I learn from this course?

A: You will acquire skills in repairing automotive bodies and panels for both light and heavy-duty vehicles, using various tools and welding equipment.

3. What are the requirements for enrollment?

A: You will need your PSA birth certificate, high school or college diploma, and other necessary documents such as a Certificate of Good Moral Character.

4. Is there an age limit for enrolling in this course?

A: No, there is no age limit for enrolling in this course.

5. Do I need to have prior experience or knowledge in automotive body repair?

A: No, this course is designed for beginners and does not require prior experience or knowledge in the field. However, having a basic understanding of vehicles and their parts may be beneficial.


TESDA’s Automotive Body Repairing NC II course provides in-depth training for individuals looking to excel in automotive body repair. The program focuses on teaching skills and knowledge needed for the industry, including the use of hand and power tools, welding equipment, and anti-corrosion methods. Participants will also learn about vehicle body repair planning, dismantling, disassembling, cleaning, and inspecting parts. With this course, graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills to become highly skilled professionals in the automotive repair industry. Interested individuals can check out their website for more information on these courses.

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