What is TESDA National Certificate (NC) and How to Get One

If you’re looking to pursue a career in the Philippines, then you’ll likely come across the term “National Certificate” or simply “NC”. Issued by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), this certificate serves as proof that you have been assessed and proven competent in all the necessary skills and competencies relevant to your chosen qualification.

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Getting a TESDA National Certificate requires going through a rigorous process that includes training, assessment, and demonstration of your practical abilities. Ultimately, however, the certificate can significantly boost your employability and career prospects by signaling to potential employers that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to do the job.


What is TESDA National Certificate?

A National Certificate is a certification provided by TESDA to individuals who have successfully completed a National Competency Assessment and demonstrated competence in all the necessary units of competency for a specific national qualification as outlined in the Training Regulations. This document serves as proof of their proficiency in the respective field.


What is the Duration of Validity for the NC?

The National Certificate remains valid for a period of five (5) years.

What are the Required Documents?

Please make sure you have the following documents prepared for submission:

  1. A fully completed application form.
  2. The self-assessment guide for your chosen qualification, filled out accurately and comprehensively.
  3. Three (3) passport-size photos with a white background and a collar. Remember to print your name on the back of each photo.

These documents will be reviewed by a TESDA assessor before you are allowed to proceed with the assessment process.

Procedure: How to Get a TESDA National Certificate?

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

STEP 1: Visit a TESDA Accredited Assessment Center or the nearest TESDA District or Provincial Office in your area to apply for assessment.

STEP 2: Submit the required documents:

  • Complete the Application Form.
  • Fill out the Self Assessment Guide for your chosen qualification.
  • Provide three (3) colored passport-size photos with a white background, wearing a collared shirt, and with your name printed at the back.

STEP 3: Pay the Assessment Fee at the Assessment Center Cashier and obtain the Official Receipt and Admission Slip. Refer to the List of Assessment Fees.

STEP 4: Attend the assessment on the scheduled date and at the assigned venue indicated on your Admission Slip. (Don’t forget to bring your Admission Slip)

STEP 5: Obtain the Competency Assessment Result Summary (CARS) at the Assessment Center.

STEP 6: Assessment passers must apply for certification at the TESDA District/Provincial Office under the jurisdiction of the assessment center/venue.

STEP 7: Assessment passers can claim their National Certificate(NC) seven (7) working days after applying for the issuance of the National Certificate.

Make sure to follow these steps for a smooth and successful TESDA National Certificate application!

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Important Reminder

1. The National Certificate should be directly released to the applicant. If a representative is claiming it, the applicant must submit a Special Power of Attorney (SPA).

2. Any falsification or fraudulent duplication of documents will lead to disqualification or forfeiture of the right to participate in any TESDA assessment certification or similar program.

These are just some of the important steps to take when applying for a TESDA National Certificate (NC).

Beware of Fake TESDA National Certificate

Beware of fake TESDA National Certificates (NCs). It’s important to make sure that your certificate is genuine and from an authorized training center. Fake certificates can not only lead to legal issues, but they will also be worthless for job applications.

Sample of Fake National Certificate

fake nc

To verify the authenticity of a certificate, you can utilize TESDA’s online verification system accessible through this link: https://tesda.gov.ph/Rwac.


Watch this video to learn more about TESDA’s National Certificate (NC) and how to obtain them. TESDA NCII & NCIII provide a way for OFWs and Non-OFWs alike to showcase their skills, gain recognition and receive certificates which will help them advance in their careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of having a TESDA National Certificate (NC)?

A: Having a TESDA National Certificate (NC) can enhance your employability, as it serves as proof of your skills and knowledge in a particular field.

2. Are there different levels of TESDA National Certificates (NC)?

A: Yes, there are different levels of TESDA National Certificates (NC), ranging from Level I to Level IV, depending on the complexity of the skills required.

3. Can I apply for multiple TESDA National Certificates (NC)?

A: Yes, you can apply for multiple TESDA National Certificates (NC) in different fields or occupations, depending on your skills and interests.

4. Can I use a TESDA National Certificate (NC) to work abroad?

A: Yes, a TESDA National Certificate (NC) can be recognized internationally and may increase your chances of finding employment abroad.

5. Can I upgrade my TESDA National Certificate (NC) to a higher level?

A: Yes, you can upgrade your TESDA National Certificate (NC) to a higher level by undergoing additional training and assessment.


The TESDA National Certificate, issued by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, validates the skills and competencies of individuals pursuing a career in the Philippines. This certification enhances employability and career prospects. The application process involves visiting an assessment center, submitting required documents, paying assessment fees, attending the assessment, and obtaining the Competency Assessment Result Summary. Passers can then apply for certification and claim their National Certificate. It is important to follow the steps carefully and avoid any falsification or fraudulent activities.

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