TESDA OFW Rise Online Course

For many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) returning home to the Philippines, transitioning back into their regular routines can present new challenges. Fortunately, the Philippine government continues to support their efforts to create new opportunities for themselves and their families through the OFW-RISE Online Program.

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This program includes an engaging online course that is accessible through the TESDA Online Program (TOP). By participating in this course, returning OFWs will have the opportunity to transform their business ideas into well-planned and sustainable ventures. Whether they are interested in starting a new livelihood business or maintaining an existing one, the OFW-RISE Program and TESDA Online Program are there to offer the necessary tools for success.


What is OFW-RISE Program?

The OFW RISE Program is a free online training for OFWs who have returned to the Philippines. Here, they can learn how to become an entrepreneur, different ways to start a livelihood business, and opportunities to earn income.

Please register using this link: https://ofwrise.starprogram.ph/top/login and use your email address to join the program. For any inquiries, feel free to message the OFW RISE Facebook Page.

What does OFW-Rise Offer?

Here is a comprehensive list of the training options offered in this project.

  1. Starting a business
  2. Professional Business Coaching
  3. DiskarTIPS


Taking the OFW RISE online course through the TESDA Online Program offers several benefits:

  1. Entrepreneurship Skills: The course equips returning OFWs with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful entrepreneurs. Participants will learn about business planning, marketing strategies, financial management, and more.
  2. Livelihood Opportunities: By joining the course, individuals can explore different opportunities for livelihood businesses. They will gain insights into various industries and learn how to identify and pursue potential ventures that align with their interests and skills.
  3. Income Generation: The training aims to help participants generate income by turning their business ideas into actionable plans. They will learn how to develop practical and sustainable business models that can lead to financial stability and independence.
  4. Online Accessibility: The course is offered online through the TESDA Online Program, making it convenient for returning OFWs to access and complete the training at their own pace. They can learn from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing flexibility in their schedules.
  5. Free of Charge: The OFW RISE online course is provided free of charge, ensuring that returning OFWs have access to valuable training without any financial burden.

By taking the OFW RISE online course, returning OFWs can acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to transform their business ideas into successful ventures, leading to greater opportunities and financial empowerment.

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Video: TESDA Free Online Course for OFW – OFW RISE PROGRAM ng Tesda Online Program

In this video, you’ll learn about a special program called the OFW RISE PROGRAM. It’s designed for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who want to learn new skills or get better at the ones they already have.

By joining this program, OFWs can gain more knowledge and become experts in their fields. This will help them have a brighter future and be successful in their jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the OFW-RISE Program?

A: The OFW-RISE Program is an initiative that offers returning OFWs in the Philippines an online course to help them transform their business ideas into business plans.

2. Where can I access the online course?

A: The online course can be accessed in the TESDA Online Program (TOP).

3. What is the goal of the OFW-RISE Program?

A: The goal of the OFW-RISE Program is to provide free online training for returning OFWs, helping them become entrepreneurs and explore livelihood business opportunities.

4. Who can participate in the program?

A: Returning OFWs in the Philippines can participate in the OFW-RISE Program.

5. What will participants learn from the program?

A: Participants will learn how to develop their business ideas into comprehensive business plans.

6. Is the training free?

A: Yes, the OFW-RISE Program offers free online training for returning OFWs.

7. Can participants earn income through the program?

A: Yes, participants will have the opportunity to explore livelihood businesses and potentially earn income.

8. How long is the online course?

A: The duration of the online course may vary, depending on the specific modules and topics covered.

9. Is there any certification provided upon completion?

A: Specific details about certification should be obtained from the OFW-RISE Program or TESDA Online Program.

10. How can I get more information about the OFW-RISE Program?

A: For further information about OFW RISE, please find the contact details below:

  • Email: tesdaonlineprogram@tesda.gov.ph
  • Tel. No.: (+632) 893-8297
  • You may also contact or visit the TESDA Office near you.


The OFW-RISE Program is a free online course designed for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) returning to the Philippines. This program, accessible through the TESDA Online Program (TOP), aims to equip OFWs with entrepreneurial skills. The curriculum focuses on transforming business ideas into actionable plans, exploring opportunities in livelihood businesses, and methods of income generation. It’s an initiative to help OFWs transition smoothly back into the country and establish their own source of income through entrepreneurship.

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