TESDA Digital Literacy Online Course

With the rapid advancements in technology, Digital Literacy has become an essential skill that we must all possess to keep up with the changing times. The TESDA Online Program offers a Digital Literacy Online Course that aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to effectively navigate the digital world.

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This course covers a range of topics, including using digital devices and software applications, managing and organizing digital files, and understanding online security and privacy. By taking this course, individuals can enhance their digital literacy skills, making them more competitive in the job market and more proficient in their day-to-day lives.

Digital Literacy


Taking the TESDA Online Programs’ Digital Literacy Online Course offers several benefits:

  1. Enhanced Skills
  2. Improved Competitiveness
  3. Increased Opportunities
  4. Empowerment
  5. Lifelong Learning

By taking this online course, individuals can reap these benefits and thrive in an increasingly digital world.


There are 2 modules covered in this Digital Literacy course and these modules aim to equip you with knowledge and skills that will enable you to use technology effectively in your professional and personal life

Module 1: Wi-Fi 101 and Digital Thumbprint Program

Unit 1: Wi-Fi 101

Lesson 1: What is Wi-Fi?

Lesson 2: Troubleshooting and Optimizing Wi-Fi Connection

By the end of this unit, learners will have the ability to

  • Explain how WIFI works
  • Evaluate factors affecting WIFI connection
  • Troubleshoot and optimize your Wi-Fi Connection

Unit 2: Digital Citizenship and Responsibility

Lesson 1: Digital Insight

Lesson 2: Digital Discernment

Lesson 3: Digital Impact

Lesson 4: Digital Ambition

By the end of this unit, learners will have the ability to

  • Apply cyber-safety practices in performing online activities
  • Determine facts, opinions, and false information
  • Prepare appropriate social media posts
  • Exhibit digital literacy

Module 2: Microsoft Digital Literacy

Unit 1: Working with the Computers

This learning path provides an introduction to the various components and types of computers, along with their respective functions. It also covers the distinctions between operating systems and applications, as well as their functionalities. Additionally, it delves into peripherals and portable storage devices.

Unit 2: Participating Safely and Responsibly

In this learning path, readers will be introduced to the potential safety risks associated with internet usage. They will gain knowledge about online scams and effective strategies to avoid falling victim to them. Additionally, best practices for sharing information online will be covered. Moreover, readers will be introduced to the concept of cyberbullying.g.

Unit 3: Creating Digital Content

In this learning path, learners will be introduced to Microsoft Office. They will gain knowledge on performing basic functions in Microsoft Word, such as interacting with text, pictures, lists, and other types of objects. Additionally, learners will acquire skills in handling PDF files.

Unit 4: Communicating Online

This learning path will guide individuals in effectively communicating online through email. It will introduce them to web applications that facilitate instant messaging, including voice and video calls.

Unit 5: Collaborating and Managing Contents

In this learning path, individuals will be introduced to cloud services such as OneDrive and learn how to utilize their fundamental features. They will also gain knowledge on collaborating with others on Word documents. Additionally, participants will discover effective ways to manage tasks, time, and contacts using Microsoft Outlook.

Unit 6:  Accessing Information Online

In this learning path, readers will gain familiarity with the concept of the internet and its accessibility. The World Wide Web will be introduced along with instructions on how to access it through a web browser. Furthermore, effective usage of search engines and evaluation of search results will be covered.

Note: Upon completion of each module, or specific modules, you will be awarded a certificate to recognize your achievements and demonstrate your expertise in the respective subject matter. These certificates serve as a testament to your dedication and commitment to continuous learning.

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The TESDA Online Program offers a Digital Literacy Online Course that equips individuals with essential skills to navigate the digital world. It covers topics like using digital devices, managing files, and online security. Taking this course enhances skills, competitiveness, and opens up opportunities. The course consists of two modules: Wi-Fi 101 and Digital Citizenship, and Microsoft Digital Literacy. Upon completion, learners receive certificates as recognition of their expertise and commitment to continuous learning.

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