TESDA & Bossjob Partner to Boost TechVoc Graduates Employment

TESDA has partnered with online recruitment platform Bossjob to enhance the employability of tech-voc graduates. This collaboration aims to increase their visibility and accessibility to potential employers.

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On March 20 2024, TESDA – National Capital Region (NCR) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Bossjob as part of their initiative “CollaboraTVET: Forging Partnerships for TVET Excellence!” This partnership advances TESDA’s efforts to build strategic alliances with private industries and employers.

TESDA & Bossjob Partner to Boost TechVoc Graduate Employment

Program Objectives

The main objectives of the partnership between TESDA and Bossjob are to:

  • Enhance the employability of tech-voc graduates
  • Utilize Bossjob’s online recruitment platform
  • Offer career coaching workshops


Here are some benefits of the TESDA-Bossjob Partnership

  • Enhanced Employment Opportunities: Tech-voc graduates gain better access to job openings through Bossjob’s platform, improving employment rates.
  • Career Development Support: Graduates benefit from career coaching workshops and sessions on technopreneurship and digital literacy.
  • Free Platform Access: TESDA graduates can use Bossjob’s platform for free, simplifying the job search.
  • Industry Alignment: The partnership aligns TVET programs with industry demands, ensuring skills are relevant.
  • Networking Opportunities: Graduates can network with potential employers at job fairs and recruitment events.
  • Holistic Support System: Collaboration with government, academia, and business creates a strong support network for graduates.
  • Addressing the Skills Gap: The partnership bridges the skills gap with innovative technology and training programs.
  • Strategic Alliances: Strategic collaborations enhance employability and keep vocational education relevant to industry needs.

Program Qualifications

  • Participants must be graduates of TESDA technical vocational education and training (TVET) programs.

For further details on the available vocational courses, please click HERE.

Free Access and Workshops

  • Bossjob will provide TESDA graduates with free access to its platform for job searching.
  • Co-organize career coaching workshops and information sessions for TESDA students or graduates.
  • Sessions will cover sectors such as technopreneurship and digital literacy among others.

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TESDA partnership with Bossjob will boost job opportunities and career development for tech-voc graduates through industry-aligned programs, free job search platforms, and comprehensive support. This initiative is part of TESDA’s efforts to improve technical vocational education in the Philippines, ensuring graduates have skills to meet current industry demands. By collaborating with private industries, TESDA makes education accessible, relevant, and inclusive, supporting employability and growth in the evolving job market.

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