How to Renew TESDA Assessment and Certification

For over two decades, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) has been dedicated to providing Filipinos with top-notch skills training. Throughout this time, TESDA has positively impacted the lives of millions, empowering individuals and their families.

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As the industry continues to evolve, TESDA recognizes the need for adaptation. In their pursuit of excellence, TESDA aims to revamp their assessment and certification process, ensuring that every Filipino has access to the latest industry standards and skills training. With unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and accessibility, TESDA aspires to empower the Filipino workforce like never before.

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Benefits of Renewing TESDA Assessment and Certification

Renewing the TESDA Assessment and Certification offers several benefits:

  1. Ensures that your skills and knowledge stay up-to-date and relevant.
  2. Enhances your credibility and marketability in your chosen field.
  3. Provides opportunities for career advancement and higher earning potential.
  4. Demonstrates your commitment to professional development and lifelong learning.
  5. Grants access to a network of professionals and resources within the TESDA community.

Requirements for Renewal

Here is the list of requirements for TESDA Assessment and Certification renewal:

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Original NC/COC
  3. Three (3) colored passport-size photos with a white background
  4. Certificate of work and/or teaching experience for at least 12 months during the validity of the NC/COC in the relevant qualification, signed by the employer and/or school administrator.

(For self-employed: signed by an official from an appropriate government agency)

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Step-by-Step Process for Renewal

Step 1: Visit the TESDA District or Provincial Issuing Office where you obtained your current certificate (NC/COC) and apply for renewal.

Note: In areas where new Training Regulations (TR) have been implemented, holders of NC/COC must undergo competency assessment based on the new TR upon expiration. If new TR is not available, holders of NC/COC can request renewal after verification in the RWAC.

Step 2: Submit the following required documents:

  • Complete the Application Form.
  • Provide the original NC/COC.
  • Include three (3) colored passport-sized photos with a white background.
  • Submit a Certificate of work and/or teaching experience for at least 12 months during the validity period of the NC/COC in the relevant qualification. The certificate should be duly signed by the employer and/or school administrator. For self-employed individuals, the certificate should be signed by an official from an appropriate government agency.

Step 3: Proceed to the Assessment Center Cashier to pay the Renewal Fee and obtain the Official Receipt.

Step 4: On the scheduled date given by the TESDA issuing office, collect your renewed NC/COC.

Please follow these steps carefully to ensure a smooth certificate renewal process.




  1. The NC/COC should be directly released to the applicant. However, if a representative is claiming it on their behalf, the applicant must submit a Special Power of Attorney (SPA).
  2. When claiming the NC/COCs, please present the Official Receipt and a valid Identification Card (ID).
  3. Please note that any falsification or fraudulent duplication of documents will result in disqualification or forfeiture of the right to participate in any assessment certification or similar program of TESDA.

Tips for a Convenient TESDA Assessment and Certification Renewal

Here are some tips for a convenient TESDA renewal process:

  1. Plan ahead: Schedule your TESDA renewal in advance to avoid any last-minute rush.
  2. Prepare the necessary documents: Make sure you have all the required documents and identification ready before heading to the TESDA office.
  3. Check the renewal requirements: Familiarize yourself with the specific requirements for TESDA renewal to ensure a smooth process.
  4. Be on time: Arrive early on the day of your renewal appointment to avoid any delays.
  5. Dress appropriately: Dress in a presentable manner when visiting the TESDA office for your renewal.
  6. Follow instructions: Listen carefully to the instructions given by the TESDA personnel and follow them accordingly.
  7. Stay informed: Keep yourself updated with any changes or updates regarding TESDA renewal procedures to avoid any surprises.

By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free TESDA renewal process.


TESDA, also known as the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, has been at the forefront of providing skills training to Filipinos. As an organization, TESDA is committed to making education accessible and innovative. With a renewed focus on certification and assessment processes, TESDA ensures that every Filipino has access to the latest industry standards. Renewing TESDA certification offers numerous benefits, including staying updated, enhancing credibility, and unlocking opportunities for career advancement. The certification process itself is straightforward, allowing individuals to pursue professional development seamlessly. TESDA’s unwavering dedication to their mission of providing exceptional skills training makes them an invaluable resource for the Filipino workforce.

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