List of TESDA Courses for Household Services

Household services are crucial for every home, encompassing housekeeping, cooking, caregiving, and other tasks that maintain a clean, safe, and comfortable living environment for families.

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To equip individuals with the necessary skills for these services, TESDA provides a range of courses covering different areas of expertise.

List of TESDA Courses for Household Services

Importance of Domestic Work NC II

  • Cultivates essential skills and competencies for household services.
  • The curriculum covers housekeeping, cooking, setting the table, doing laundry, and ironing.
  • Includes care for children, the elderly, or individuals with disabilities.
  • Prepares individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills for managing household duties.
  • Provides avenues for employment and career progression in the field of domestic service.

List of TESDA Courses for Household Services

Here is a list of TESDA courses for household services:

Though fewer in number, these courses are crucial for equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed for the domestic household sector.

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TESDA courses offer vital training in household services, such as housekeeping, caregiving, and cooking, preparing individuals for domestic work. These courses equip participants with essential skills, opening up employment and career advancement opportunities and helping create safer, cleaner, and more comfortable living environments.

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