List of TESDA-Accredited Schools in Cagayan Valley

There are various TESDA-accredited schools in the Cagayan Valley region in the Philippines. These schools offer a wide range of technical and vocational courses that are designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge for employment opportunities.

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Filipinos are encouraged to enroll in TESDA accredited schools as they offer quality education and training programs that are recognized both locally and internationally.

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List of TESDA-Accredited Schools in Cagayan Valley

Here is a list of TESDA-accredited schools in the Cagayan Valley:

AMG Skilled Hands Technological College

  • Address: Cagayan Valley Road, Makapilapil, San Ildenfonso, Bulacan
  • Phone #: (044) 901-1302/901-1328/ 9443262195

Angeles Global Technological College, Inc.

  • Address: Rain Bldg., Cagayan Valley Road, Salangan, San Miguel, Bulacan
  • Phone #: 09228447643

College of Our Lady of Mercy of Pulilan Foundation-Cagayan Valley Road Campus

  • Address: Cagayan Valley Road, Longos, Pulilan, Bulacan
  • Phone #: 9256679961

Next Generation Technological College

  • Address: 972 LNC Bldg., Maharlika Highway, Banga 1st, Plaridel, Bulacan (former address: Iral Bldg., Cagayan Valley Rd., Banga 1st, Plaridel, Bulacan)
  • Phone #: 044-6635649, 09330286242

Philippine Legacy Nihongo Center Corp

  • Address: JBS Bldg, ASHTEC, Cagayan Valley Road, San Ildefonso, Bulacan
  • Phone #: 9232701806

These TESDA-accredited schools offer a wide range of courses such as automotive technology, culinary arts, computer systems servicing, and many more. They provide quality education and technical skills training to help students prepare for their chosen careers in various industries.

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There are TESDA-accredited schools in Cagayan Valley, Philippines, offering technical and vocational courses for employment readiness. Filipinos are urged to enroll for quality education recognized locally and internationally. Courses include automotive technology, culinary arts, and computer systems servicing.

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