List of TESDA-Accredited Schools in Apayao

TESDA Accredited Schools in Apayao, within the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), are key providers of quality technical education and skills development. These schools meet TESDA’s high standards, offering diverse programs that enhance the region’s human resource development and economy.

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In CAR, Apayao shines as an educational hub with TESDA Accredited Schools, fostering knowledge and skill enhancement in various vocational fields.

TESDA Accredited Schools in APAYAO

List of TESDA-Accredited Schools in Apayao

Here is the list of TESDA-Accredited Schools in Apayao:

A4 Polytechnic College, Inc

  • Address: Malama, Conner, Apayao

Apayao Training Center

  • Address: Provincial Gov’t. Center San Isidro Sur, Luna Apayao
  • Phone #: 09204072877/ 09399078196

Revelyn Duldulao Farm

  • Address: Poblacion, Luna, Apayao

Riseline Crisologo Farm

  • Address: Imelda, Pudtol, Apayao

These schools have undergone accreditation by TESDA, ensuring quality and relevance in their courses and programs. This also means that the graduates of these schools are highly skilled and competent, making them more employable in various industries.

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Video: How to Obtain NC II from TESDA (Tagalog)

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the Philippines, then you have probably heard of TESDA. The certificates they offer can help you land a job, improve your skills, and advance in your chosen field. One of the most sought-after certificates is NCII or National Certificate II.


TESDA Accredited Schools in Apayao, part of the Cordillera Administrative Region, offer quality technical education and skills development. These institutions adhere to strict TESDA standards, providing training that aligns with national and international benchmarks. With diverse programs, they contribute significantly to human resource development and economic growth in the region.

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