List of TESDA-Accredited School in Pateros

Currently, there’s only one TESDA-Accredited School in Pateros, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only educational option. Other institutions might offer vocational and technical courses to equip learners with skills for employment or entrepreneurship.

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Who knows, more TESDA-accredited schools might open in Pateros in the future to meet the demand for skilled workers in different industries.

TESDA-Accredited Schools in PATEROS

List of TESDA-Accredited Schools in Pateros

Here is a list of potential school in Pateros that may offer TESDA-accredited programs:

Saint Felicity College, Inc.

  • Address: G/F Paulina Bldg. 162 M. Almeda St. San Roque, Pateros, M.M.
  • Phone #: 273-0706 / 09196864489

Courses Offered

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Residents of Pateros have access to TESDA-accredited programs through Saint Felicity College, Inc. This institution offers courses in Food and Beverage Services and Bookkeeping, giving learners the opportunity to acquire skills for employment or entrepreneurship. If you want to join these courses, please reach out to Saint Felicity College, Inc. for enrollment details and times. Have your high school diploma and IDs ready.

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