TESDA PV Systems Installation NC II Course

TESDA provides a comprehensive training program for those looking to enhance their skills in PV systems installation. The PV Systems Installation NC II teaches learners to assess sites, check PV components compliance, install and start up PV systems, and handle documentation.

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The program meets industry standards and is led by experienced trainers. Completing it can help individuals advance as solar installers and support renewable energy growth. With TESDA’s dedication to quality training, learners gain practical knowledge for excelling in PV systems installation.

PV Systems Installation NC II

What is PV Systems Installation NC II?

The course aims to enhance the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of PV Systems installation technicians according to industry standards. It covers essential competencies such as site assessments, PV components compliance, installation and commissioning, and documentation. Additionally, it includes competencies in communication, teamwork, professionalism, safety, materials and tools, measurement and calculation, maintenance, procedures, and technical drawings interpretation.

A person who has obtained this Qualification is proficient and capable of:

  • PV Systems Installation Technician
  • PV Systems Commissioning Technician
PV Systems Installation
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Taking the PV Systems Installation NC II course offered by TESDA provides several benefits:

  1. Upgraded Skills: The training program allows individuals to enhance their skills in PV systems installation, ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest industry standards and practices.
  2. Competency Development: Learners gain the necessary competencies to perform site assessments, ensure compliance of PV components and materials, install and commission PV systems, and prepare documentation requirements. These skills are valuable in the renewable energy sector.
  3. Career Progression: Completing the course opens up opportunities for individuals to advance their careers as solar installers. With the growing demand for renewable energy, there is a need for skilled professionals in this field.
  4. Industry-Relevant Training: The program is designed to meet industry standards and is conducted by qualified trainers with extensive experience in the field. Learners can be assured that they will receive practical and relevant knowledge to excel in the installation of PV systems.
  5. Contribution to Renewable Energy: By acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge, individuals can contribute to the growth of the renewable energy sector. They play a vital role in expanding access to clean energy and promoting sustainability.

The PV Systems Installation NC II course offers individuals the opportunity to upgrade their skills, advance their careers, and make a positive impact in the renewable energy sector.

Units of Competency

This Qualification consists of the following Units of Competency:


  • Participate in workplace communication
  • Work in a team environment
  • Practice career professionalism
  • Practice occupational health and safety procedures


  • Prepare construction materials and tools
  • Observe procedures, specifications and manuals of instruction
  • Interpret technical drawings and plans
  • Perform mensuration and calculations
  • Maintain tools and equipment


  • Perform site assessment
  • Check PV components/materials compliance
  • Install PV system
  • Perform PV System Testing and Commissioning

Sample of Certificate of Completion


Training Duration

  • Basic: 18 hours
  • Common: 72 hours
  • Core: 194 hours

Total: 284 hours

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This section outlines trainee qualifications and educational experience. It also includes health and physical requirements. Entry written examinations may be required if necessary.

  1. Proficient in both oral and written communication.
  2. Physically and mentally capable of undergoing training.
  3. Minimum age requirement of 18 years.


To enroll in this course, you will need the following documents:

  1. PSA Birth Certificate
  2. High School or College Diploma
  3. Certified True Copy of Official Transcript of Records or Form 137
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character or GMRC
  5. 1 x 1 and/or 2 x 2 pictures

To obtain further details, please reach out to the enrollment site that aligns with your requirements. Kindly note that the criteria may vary.

Instructor Credentials

The trainer qualifications for this PV Systems Installation NC II require the following:

  • Be physically and mentally fit.
  • Have a minimum of 2 years of relevant industry experience and/or teaching experience.
  • Hold at least PV Systems Installation NC II certification.
  • Hold civil-service eligibility or an appropriate professional license issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission (for government positions only).
  • Possess computer literacy skills.
  • Have completed Training Methodology II training.

Please note that the requirement will be updated to “Hold Trainer Qualification Level II (TQII) or equivalent” once the TQ/AQ training regulations are officially released by the TESDA Board.


TESDA offers a comprehensive training program for PV systems installation. The PV Systems Installation NC II equips learners with competencies in site assessments, compliance, installation, and documentation. The program, conducted by qualified trainers, meets industry standards. By completing the program, individuals can progress in their career as solar installers and contribute to the renewable energy sector. TESDA ensures practical and relevant knowledge for success in PV systems installation.

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