TESDA Mold Designing NC IV Course

Mold Designing NC IV is a vital program that offers essential competencies to mold designers. Through this course, designers can hone their skills in reviewing tools and designs, as well as determine the methods to assemble, test, and debug complete mold sets. It is an excellent opportunity for professionals to upgrade their skills in the field of mold designing.

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The course is designed by TESDA, ensuring that the competencies delivered are of high-quality and relevant to industry standards. Taking this program can greatly benefit professionals looking to advance their careers in the mold design industry. With the extensive curriculum and hands-on training provided by TESDA, mold designers can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their craft.

Mold Designing NC IV

What is Mold Designing NC IV?

This course aims to enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of Mold Designing NC IV in alignment with industry standards. It encompasses competencies required to effectively perform tasks such as determining mold design parameters, conducting CAD operations, simulating and verifying mold designs, modifying and finalizing mold designs, and creating fabrication drawings.

A person who has obtained this Qualification possesses the necessary competence to fulfill the requirements of the role:

  • Mold Designer

Benefits of  Taking Mold Designing NC IV

Taking the Mold Designing NC IV course by TESDA offers several benefits:

  1. Skill Development: The Mold Designing NC IV qualification consists of competencies that a designer must achieve to perform tasks related to mold design. This can be very useful in various industries, such as manufacturing and construction.
  2. Knowledge and Attitude: This course is designed to develop not only knowledge and skills in CAD/CAM Operation NC III but also desirable attitudes. These are essential elements for success in any professional field.
  3. Practical Learning: TESDA’s learning process under the Dual Training System (DTS) is generally described as 40% in-school to learn theories and develop basic skills, and the remaining 60% is on-the-job training. This approach ensures that students are ready for the real-world challenges they will face in their careers.
  4. Understanding Inter-Relationships: The course helps students understand the inter-relationships of part design, mold design, and quality processing. This holistic understanding can lead to better outcomes in the workplace.
  5. Employment Opportunities: Companies are increasingly looking for NC holders because having national certifications is a big advantage. It indicates that the holder has undergone rigorous training and assessment, thereby increasing their employability.

Taking the Mold Designing NC IV course by TESDA can provide you with valuable skills, knowledge, and attitudes, practical learning experience, an understanding of inter-relationships in the field, and enhanced employment opportunities.

What are the Essential Skills that Need to Be Learned?

This qualification is composed of various units of competency, which encompass the following areas of focus:


  • Utilize specialized communication skills
  • Develop and lead teams
  • Perform higher-order thinking processes and apply techniques in the workplace
  • Contribute to the practice of social justice in the workplace
  • Manage innovative work instructions
  • Manage and evaluate the usage of information
  • Lead in the improvement of Occupational Safety and Health(OSH) programs, policies and procedures
  • Lead towards improvement of environment work programs, policies and procedures
  • Sustain entrepreneurial skills


  • Apply safety practices
  • Interpret working drawings and sketches
  • Select/ cut workshop materials
  • Perform shop computations (Basic)
  • Measure workpiece (Basic)
  • Perform routine housekeeping
  • Perform shop computations (Intermediate)
  • Measure workpiece using angular measuring instruments
  • Measure workpiece using gages and surface texture comparator
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Operate a personal computer


  • Determine mold design parameters
  • Perform CAD operation
  • Simulate and verify mold design
  • Modify and finalize mold design
  • Create fabrication drawing

Sample of Certificate of Completion


Training Duration

  • Basic: 47 hours
  • Common: 120 hours
  • Core: 232 hours

Total: 399 hours

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Prospective trainees or students interested in enrolling in this course are required to meet the following qualifications:

  1. Proficient in computer literacy with a background in CAD.
  2. Possess a degree in Technology or have successfully completed a foundational engineering course.
  3. Capable of performing mathematical computations relevant to the shop, including the application of strength of materials.
  4. Demonstrated industrial experience in mold making with expertise in CNC.
  5. Effective communication skills, both oral and written.


To enroll in this course, you will need the following documents:

  1. PSA Birth Certificate
  2. High School or College Diploma
  3. Certified True Copy of Official Transcript of Records or Form 137
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character or GMRC
  5. 1 x 1 and/or 2 x 2 pictures

To obtain further details, please reach out to the enrollment site that aligns with your requirements. Kindly note that the criteria may vary.

Instructor Credentials

Trainers who will deliver the training on Mold Designing NC IV should have the following:

  • Technology graduate in Mechanical Engineering or related field
  • National TVET Trainer Certificate Level I (NTTC Level I) holder in MOLD DESIGNING NC IV
  • Minimum 3 years of industry experience in Mold Making with working knowledge in CNC programming and operations, or minimum 5 years of teaching experience and 240 hours of relevant training in Mold Design and Fabrication
  • Proficient in computer usage
  • Minimum 2 years experience using CAD software.

These requirements ensure that the instructor is fully prepared to teach and guide the students towards a successful career in mold designing


The Mold Designing NC IV program offered by TESDA equips mold designers with essential competencies in reviewing tools and designs, assembling mold sets, and more. With a curriculum designed by TESDA and hands-on training, professionals can enhance their skills in mold design. This qualification provides benefits such as skill development, practical learning, and increased employment opportunities. The course covers various areas including basic, common, and core competencies. Prospective students need a background in CAD, proficiency in computer literacy, and effective communication skills.

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