TESDA Cyber Threat Monitoring Level I Course

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity has become a top priority for organizations worldwide. TESDA recognizes the importance of cybersecurity and the need for trained professionals to monitor and prevent cyber threats effectively. Monitoring cyber threats is a critical aspect of cybersecurity as it helps organizations stay updated on potential security breaches and respond promptly if a cyber-attack occurs. Cyber threat monitoring involves the collection and analysis of data from various sources, including network traffic, user activity, and system logs.

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TESDA offers Cyber Threat Monitoring Level I, a competency-based training program that provides hands-on experience in monitoring and reporting cyber threats while also conducting vulnerability scanning of assets. With TESDA training, individuals can acquire the skills necessary to ensure organizations stay ahead of potential cybersecurity threats and prevent devastating consequences.

Cyber Threat Monitoring Level I

What is Cyber Threat Monitoring Level I?

TESDA’s Cyber Threat Monitoring Level I training equips individuals with the skills needed to monitor and report cyber threats, safeguarding organizations from potential cybersecurity risks.

A person who has obtained this Qualification is skilled and capable of:

  • Cybersecurity analyst (L1)
  • Cybersecurity support staff
  • Cybersecurity help desk staff

Benefits of Taking Cyber Threat Monitoring Level I

Taking the Cyber Threat Monitoring Level I course offered by TESDA offers several benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced cybersecurity skills: Through this training program, individuals can acquire the necessary skills to become competent cybersecurity analysts (L1), cybersecurity support staff, and cybersecurity help desk staff. This qualification equips individuals to effectively monitor and report cyber threats, ensuring organizations are safeguarded from potential cybersecurity risks.
  2. Hands-on experience: The training provides a hands-on learning experience, allowing individuals to gain practical knowledge in monitoring and reporting cyber threats. By working with real-world scenarios, trainees can develop the skills needed to identify and respond to potential security breaches effectively.
  3. Vulnerability scanning expertise: The course also covers vulnerability scanning of assets, enabling individuals to identify and assess potential weaknesses in an organization’s systems and networks. This skill is crucial for proactively addressing vulnerabilities and implementing appropriate security measures.
  4. Staying ahead of cybersecurity threats: With the training provided by TESDA, individuals can stay ahead of potential cybersecurity threats. By understanding the latest techniques and tools used by cybercriminals, trainees can contribute to the prevention and mitigation of cyber-attacks, helping organizations maintain a strong security posture.
  5. Career opportunities: Obtaining the Cyber Threat Monitoring Level I qualification opens up various career opportunities in the field of cybersecurity. The demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals continues to grow, and this course equips individuals with the necessary skills to pursue a rewarding career in this rapidly evolving industry.

By enrolling in the Cyber Threat Monitoring Level I course, individuals can gain valuable knowledge and skills in cybersecurity, contribute to the protection of organizations, and enhance their career prospects in this critical field.

What are the Essential Skills that Need to Be Learned?

This qualification consists of various units of competency, which are as follows:


  • Receive and respond to workplace communication
  • Work with others
  • Solve/address routine problems
  • Enhance self-management skills
  • Support innovation
  • Access and maintain information
  • Follow occupational safety and health policies and procedures
  • Apply environmental work standards
  • Adopt an entrepreneurial mindset in the workplace


  • Apply quality standards
  • Perform Computer Operations


  • Monitor and report cyber threats
  • Conduct vulnerability scanning of assets

Sample of Certificate of Completion



To enroll in this course, you will need the following documents:

  1. PSA Birth Certificate
  2. High School or College Diploma
  3. Certified True Copy of Official Transcript of Records or Form 137
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character or GMRC
  5. 1 x 1 and/or 2 x 2 pictures

To obtain further details, please reach out to the enrollment site that aligns with your requirements. Kindly note that the criteria may vary.

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TESDA offers Cyber Threat Monitoring Level I, a competency-based training program focused on monitoring and reporting cyber threats. Participants gain hands-on experience and develop skills in vulnerability scanning and proactive cybersecurity measures. This qualification opens up various career opportunities in the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity. Enroll in this course to enhance your cybersecurity skills and contribute to safeguarding organizations from potential risks.

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