TESDA Audio Production Services NC I Course

The Audio Production Services NC I course by TESDA equips individuals with the essential skills needed to assist in the technical aspects of audio production. This includes handling, setting up, and disassembling audio equipment for various multimedia and cultural events.

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Additionally, the course covers competencies in troubleshooting, ensuring that any issues arising during events are effectively managed. This qualification is important for anyone looking to work behind the scenes in audio production, providing vital support to talents and production staff.

TESDA Audio Production Services NC I Course


The Audio Production Services NC I course by TESDA offers several benefits:

  • Technical Expertise: Gain skills in handling, setting up, and disassembling audio production equipment.
  • Troubleshooting Skills: Learn to competently troubleshoot issues in multimedia and cultural events.
  • Career Opportunities: Enhance your qualifications for roles in audio production and event management.
  • Hands-On Experience: Practical training to support talents and production staff effectively.
  • Industry Recognition: Obtain a recognized certification to boost your professional credibility.

Units of Competency

The units of competency that make up this qualification include the following:


  • Receive and respond to workplace communication
  • Work with others
  • Solve/address routine problems
  • Enhance self-management skills
  • Support innovation
  • Access and maintain information
  • Follow occupational safety and health policies and procedures
  • Apply environmental work standards
  • Adopt entrepreneurial mindset in the workplace


  • Develop and update industry knowledge
  • Develop creative thinking, artistic skills and cultural awareness
  • Observe procedures, specifications and manuals of instructions
  • Operate equipment
  • Manage own performance
  • Maintain safe, clean and efficient work environment
  • Provide and maintain effective client relations


  • Handle and install basic audio equipment
  • Perform technical assistance and basic troubleshooting

Sample of Certificate of Completion


National Certificate


Career Opportunities

A person with this qualification is skilled in the following roles:

  • Audio Stagehand
  • Live Sound Assistant
  • Studio Recording Assistant
  • Broadcast Technical Assistant
  • Boom Operator
  • Dubbing Assistant

Training Duration

  • 47 Hours – Basic Competencies
  • 88 Hours – Common Competencies
  • 100 Hours – Core Competencies
  • 80 Hours – Supervised Industry Learning (SIL)

Total: 315 Hours


Prospective trainees or students interested in this course should meet these qualifications:

  • Minimum of Elementary Level education
  • Strong communication skills
  • Proficiency in computer literacy
  • Ability to perform basic mathematical computations

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To enroll in this course, you will need the following documents:

  1. PSA Birth Certificate
  2. High School or College Diploma
  3. Certified True Copy of Official Transcript of Records or Form 137
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character or GMRC
  5. 1 x 1 and/or 2 x 2 pictures

To obtain further details, please reach out to the enrollment site that aligns with your requirements. Kindly note that the criteria may vary.

Trainer Qualifications

  • Active audio industry practitioner for the past two (2) years.
  • Holder of National TVET Trainer Certificate Level I (NTTC Level I) in Audio Production Services NC I
  • Knowledgeable in Basic Electrical and Electronics
  • Possesses basic musical knowledge
  • Proficient in computer usage

These qualifications are important for those seeking the TESDA Audio Production Services NC I course. They ensure learners have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this field.


The Audio Production Services NC I course by TESDA is essential for aspiring audio production and event management professionals. This 315-hour training provides technical expertise, troubleshooting skills, hands-on experience, and industry recognition. Covering basic, common, and core competencies, it equips trainees to handle and install audio equipment while developing artistic skills and industry standards knowledge. Completion opens various career opportunities and pathways for further learning.

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