List of TESDA Administered Schools and Training Centers in Region VII – Central Visayas

TESDA provides technical education and skill development to Filipinos. It plays a significant role in the nation’s social and economic development by ensuring that quality technical education is accessible to all. In Region VII – Central Visayas, TESDA has established several schools and training centers to offer various courses and programs, empowering individuals to become competent and globally competitive.

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In Central Visayas, which includes provinces like Cebu, Bohol, Negros Oriental, and Siquijor, these TESDA administered schools and training centers are instrumental in providing skills training and development. They offer a wide range of programs from agriculture to information technology, catering to different interests and capabilities. These institutions are committed to producing highly-skilled workers who can contribute significantly to the region’s workforce, thereby promoting local economic growth and development.

Region VI

Benefits of Enrolling in TESDA Schools and Training Centers

There are several benefits to enrolling in TESDA-administered schools and training centers:

  1. Quality Education: TESDA ensures high-quality education and training programs that are aligned with industry standards.
  2. Industry-Relevant Skills: TESDA programs are designed to equip students with skills that are in demand in the job market.
  3. Accreditation: Graduates of TESDA-administered schools and training centers receive nationally recognized certificates, enhancing their employability.
  4. Affordability: TESDA offers affordable training programs, making education accessible to a wider range of individuals.
  5. Job Placement Assistance: TESDA provides assistance in finding employment opportunities and connecting graduates with potential employers.

Enrolling in TESDA-administered schools and training centers can provide individuals with valuable skills and opportunities for a successful career.

List of TESDA Administered Schools and Training Centers in Region VII – Central Visayas

Here is the list of TESDA administered schools and training centers in Region VII – Central Visayas


Regional Training Center- Cebu

  • Administrator: WILKIE E. REROMA
  • Address: Archbishop Reyes Ave. Banilad, Cebu City
  • Tel. No: (032)416-8876 / (032)412-7267
  • Fax No.: (032)416-8876 / (032)412-7267
  • Email:


Provincial Training Center- Lazi, Siquijor

  • Administrator: ELSA A. APIAG
  • Address: Catambo-an, Lazi, Siquijor
  • Tel. No: (0917) 314-0185
  • Email:

Provincial Training Center- Carmen, Cebu

  • Administrator: RICARDO V. DAVIDON
  • Address: Carmen , Cebu
  • Tel. No: (032) 429-9305
  • Fax No.: (032) 429-9305
  • Email:

Provincial Training Center- Daan Bantayan, Cebu

  • Administrator: JANICE D. LUCMONG
  • Address: Daan Bantayan, Cebu
  • Tel. No: (032) 437-3781
  • Fax No.: (032) 437-3781
  • Email:

Provincial Training Center- Inabanga, Bohol

  • Administrator: JUANITO B. TUMANDA
  • Address: Brgy. Cagayan, Inabanga, Bohol
  • Tel. No: (038) 512-9012
  • Fax No.: (038) 512-9012
  • Email:

Provincial Training Center- Jagna, Bohol

  • Administrator: JAMINEL A. DAMOLO
  • Address: Poblacion, Jagna, Bohol
  • Tel. No: (038) 531-8409
  • Fax No.: (038) 531-8409
  • Email:

Provincial Training Center- Minglanilla, Cebu

  • Officer-in-Charge, Administrator: EDGAR B. CAPA, JR.
  • Address: Minglanilla, Cebu
  • Tel. No: (032) 272 -0518
  • Fax No.: (032) 272 -0518
  • Email:

Provincial Training Center-Pilar, Bohol

  • Administrator: HOMER LENDIE B. MAGANTE
  • Address: Brgy, Poblacion, Pilar, Bohol
  • Tel. No: (038) 510-8237
  • Fax No.: (038) 510-8237
  • Email:

Provincial Training Center – Samboan, Cebu

  • Administrator: ARLENE B. MASCARDO
  • Address: Samboan, Cebu
  • Tel. No: (032) 479-0069
  • Fax No.: (032) 479-0069
  • Email:

Provincial Training Center – Toledo, Cebu

  • Administrator: VICTOR B. VILLAMOR, JR.
  • Address: Toledo City, Cebu
  • Tel. No: (032) 467-9123
  • Fax No.: (032) 467-9123
  • Email:

Provincial Training Center – Tubigon, Bohol

  • Administrator: MARIA LEVY A. YOSOYA
  • Address: Brgy, Potohan, Tubigon, Bohol
  • Tel. No: (038) 508-8216
  • Fax No.: (038) 508-8216
  • Email:

Provincial Training Center- Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

  • Administrator: JESILA A. OCARIZA
  • Address: Capitol Area, Dumaguete City Negros Oriental
  • Tel. No: (035) 422-9481
  • Email:

Provincial Training Center- Bilar, Bohol

  • Administrator: APOLINAR P. CADELIÑA
  • Address: Poblacion , Bilar, Bohol
  • Tel. No: (038) 535-9080
  • Fax No.: (038) 535-9080
  • Email:


Lazi Technical Institute (LTI)

  • Address: Tigbawan, Lazi, Siquijor
  • Tel. No: (035) 482-0286
  • Fax No.: (035) 482-0286
  • Email:

These schools and training centers will help you succeed in various fields, regardless of your education level. TESDA-administered schools and training centers offer a wide range of courses for individuals with different preferences and interests.

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Tips for TESDA Course Success

Here are some simple tips for achieving success in TESDA courses:

  1. Define what you want to achieve from the course and keep your focus on it.
  2. Stay committed to attending classes, completing assignments, and studying regularly.
  3. Don’t hesitate to seek clarification from instructors or classmates if you have any doubts.
  4. Apply what you learn by practicing the skills taught in the course.
  5. Keep track of deadlines, materials, and resources to ensure a smooth learning experience.
  6. Collaborate and learn from your fellow students to enhance your understanding.
  7. Actively seek feedback from instructors to identify areas for improvement.
  8. Remember your reasons for taking the course and stay motivated throughout your learning journey.

These tips are vital for success in any TESDA course, with additional factors also playing a role in overall success.

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TESDA plays a vital role in the Philippines, offering accessible and quality technical education. In Region VII – Central Visayas, TESDA has established schools and training centers that cater to diverse interests and produce highly-skilled workers. These institutions, such as the Regional Training Center in Cebu and the Provincial Training Center in Lazi, Siquijor, aim to equip individuals with the skills needed to succeed in various fields. TESDA ensures that every Filipino has the opportunity to be competent and globally competitive.

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