List of TESDA-Accredited Schools in Malabon City

Residents of Malabon City who are looking to gain new skills or enhance their existing ones may find it useful to know that there are several TESDA-accredited schools in the city.

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These schools offer a wide range of courses and training programs that are recognized by TESDA, Whether you want to pursue a career in culinary arts, information technology, or even automotive mechanics, there is likely a TESDA-accredited school in Malabon City that can cater to your needs.

TESDA Malabon City

List of TESDA-Accredited Schools in Malabon City

Here is the list of TESDA-Accredited Schools in Malabon City:


  • Address: Gov. Pascual Ave., Brgy. Baritan, Malabon City
  • Phone #: 4491973/ 281-30-88

College of Saint Amatiel, Inc.

  • Address: No. 118 Int. Gen. Luna St., Brgy. Ibaba, Malabon City
  • Phone #: 487-9404/ 351-4993

De La Salle Araneta University, Inc

  • Address: Salvador Araneta Campus, Victoneta Avenue Malabon City
  • Phone #: 330-9128 loc 128


  • Address: 34 Gov. W. Pascual Avenue, Acacia, Malabon City
  • Phone #: 352-1841/ 401-7385/ 401-2594

I. Learn Center Phils., Inc.

  • Address: 6/F Star J Bldg., 6th Floor, #7 Gov. F. Sevilla Blvd., Tanong, Malabon City
  • Phone #: 348-1011/ 281-3048

MFI Polytechnic Institute, Inc. (formerly: MFI Foundation Inc.)

  • Address: 303 Victoneta Avenue, Malabon City
  • Phone #: 0927-367-9219

Perpetual Help Technological School, Inc.

  • Address: 64 Espiritu St., Tinajeros, Malabon City
  • Phone #: 446-6765

PRIME Technological Institute and Assessment Center Inc.

  • Address: #54 General Borromeo St. corner Champaca St. Longos Malabon City
  • Phone #: 351-3059

RVN Tech-Voc Inc.

  • Address: No. 2 Inda Maria Rd. Brgy. Potrero, Malabon City
  • Phone #: 275-9138

St. Catherine Institute of Technology, Inc.

  • Address: 425 M. Blas St., Hulong Duhat, Malabon City
  • Phone #: 352-0859/ 446-6886/ 736-7278

St. Michael Arcangel Technological Institute, Inc.

  • Address: 79 E. Martin St. Santolan Malabon City
  • Phone #: 512-3346/ (0906)6820598

St. Michael Arcangel Technological Institute, Inc.

  • Address: No. 101 Rodriguez St. Santolan Road, Malabon City
  • Phone #: 512-3346/ 734-0042/ (0906)6820598

These schools are some of the established educational institutions in Malabon City, offering various courses and programs for students. Each school has its own unique characteristics and strengths, providing quality education to its students.


TESDA-accredited schools in Malabon City offer a variety of courses and training programs for residents. These schools, recognized by TESDA, provide quality education and training. Residents can easily select a school that fits their career goals. Scholarships are available for students interested in these schools. With dedication, students can gain skills to enhance their lives and community. Explore education options at these reputable TESDA-accredited schools in Malabon City.

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