TESDA Visual Graphic Design NC III Online Course

In today’s digital age, the demand for professional graphic designers continues to grow as businesses seek to build strong visual identities that effectively engage customers. Fortunately, TESDA Online Program offers a comprehensive solution to meet this need in the form of the Visual Graphic Design NC III Online Course.

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This course is an ideal way to build competence and develop skills in designing and developing visual graphics for various applications, including logo design, print media, user experience, user interface, product packaging, and booth and product/window display. With this program, participants can learn advanced techniques and tools to create visually appealing designs that communicate effectively across a range of media.

Visual Graphic Design NC III

What is a visual graphic design?

Graphic design is the art of creating visual content to convey messages. Designers use typography, images, and layout techniques to meet user needs and optimize the user experience in interactive designs.

An individual who has obtained this course can be hired for one or more of the following positions:

  • Visual graphic artist/designer
  • Creative/Art director
  • Visual graphic multimedia artist
  • User interface (UI) designer
  • User experience (UX) designer
  • Package designer
  • Booth and product/window display designer


Taking the VISUAL GRAPHIC DESIGN NC III Online Course offers several benefits:

  1. Develop Competencies: Gain the skills and knowledge needed to design and develop visual graphic designs for various purposes such as logos, print media, user experience, user interface, product packaging, and booth/product window display.
  2. Flexibility: Learn at your own pace and convenience, allowing you to balance your studies with other commitments.
  3. Accessibility: Access course materials and resources online from anywhere, eliminating the need for physical attendance at a specific location.
  4. Cost-effective: Save on transportation and accommodation expenses typically associated with in-person courses.
  5. Industry-Relevant: Acquire skills that align with the demands of the visual graphic design industry, enhancing your career prospects.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Connect with instructors and fellow learners from around the world, expanding your professional network.
  7. Up-to-date Content: Access the latest techniques and trends in visual graphic design, ensuring your skills remain current and competitive.

These benefits make the Visual Graphic Design NC III Online Course an attractive option for individuals looking to enhance their skills or pursue a career in visual graphic design.


There are 7 modules covered in this course and these modules are required in order to pass the NC III assessment. These modules include:

Module 1: Introduction to Visual Graphic Design

This module offers an introduction to the basics of visual graphic design, including key concepts, principles, and techniques. Students will build a strong foundation in design theory and learn to effectively communicate messages through visuals.

Module 2: Developing Designs for a Logo

This module focuses on the process of developing designs for a logo. It covers various techniques and considerations to create visually appealing and effective logos.

Module 3: Developing Designs for Print Media

Developing Designs for Print Media: visually appealing designs for print. Covers design principles, techniques, tools, typography, color schemes, layout, and graphics. Gain hands-on experience creating print-ready designs.

Module 4: Developing Designs for User Experience

Develop User-Centric Designs. Prioritize user satisfaction & engagement. Learn techniques for intuitive interfaces, user research, & testing. Enhance the overall user experience. Apply user-centered design principles effectively in your projects.

Module 5: Developing Designs for User Interface

This module focuses on the design process for user interfaces, covering principles, techniques, and tools used to create user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces for different applications. Students will learn effective planning, prototyping, and iterating to create intuitive and engaging user experiences.

Module 6: Developing Designs for Product Packaging

Create effective and appealing designs by understanding target audiences, incorporating branding elements, selecting materials, and creating visually compelling packaging. Attract consumers and communicate product value.

Module 7: Designing Booth and Product/Window Display

Learn booth design, captivating displays, effective product showcasing, attracting customers, and creating immersive brand experiences. Topics include layout design, visual merchandising, lighting, signage, and materials utilization. Gain skills to create visually appealing displays that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Note: After completing each module, or specific modules, you’ll receive a certificate to acknowledge your achievements and showcase your expertise in the subject. These certificates testify to your dedication and commitment to ongoing learning.

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The Visual Graphic Design NC III Online Course offered by TESDA Online Program is a comprehensive solution for individuals looking to build competence and skills in designing visual graphics. This course covers various applications such as logo design, print media, user experience, user interface, product packaging, and booth and product/window display. With the flexibility and accessibility of online learning, participants can develop industry-relevant skills, stay up-to-date with the latest techniques, and benefit from networking opportunities.

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