TESDA Fish Capture NC I Course

For individuals who dream of a career in the seafood industry but have no prior experience, the Fish Capture NC I is a gateway to achieving this aspiration. This competency-based program is designed to train individuals in the art of catching and delivering seafood products.

As a subsidiary of TESDA, a recognized authority in technical education and skills development in the country, the program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s practices and protocols.

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While workers at this level may be inexperienced, with the right training and guidance, they can hone their skills and grow their passion for the industry. Whether your goal is to become a seasoned fisherman or to venture into seafood delivery, the Fish Capture NC I can be a valuable stepping stone towards your career ambitions.

Fish Capture NC I

What is Fish Capture NC I?

Fish Capture NC I is a national competency standard that focuses on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for capturing fish through various methods such as fishing gear, traps, and hand collection. This competency standard is designed to ensure that individuals working in the fishing industry have the necessary skills to catch fish efficiently and sustainably.

A person who has attained this Qualification possesses the necessary competence to be an:

  • Ultimo

Benefits of Taking Fish Capture NC I

  1. Acquire Essential Skills: Taking the Fish Capture NC I course equips you with the necessary skills to effectively capture fish, including techniques and best practices.
  2. Job Opportunities: With the Fish Capture NC I certification, you can explore various job opportunities such as a fisherman, fishing boat crew member, or fishery technician.
  3. Industry Knowledge: The course provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the fishing industry, including information on different fish species, fishing equipment, and safety procedures.
  4. Safety Training: You will learn about safety protocols and measures to ensure your well-being and the well-being of others while working in the fishing sector.
  5. Enhanced Efficiency: By gaining knowledge and skills through the course, you can improve your efficiency in capturing fish, leading to higher productivity and better outcomes.
  6. Sustainable Fishing Practices: The course emphasizes the importance of sustainable fishing practices, teaching you how to minimize environmental impact and promote responsible fishing.
  7. Adaptability: The Fish Capture NC I course equips you with the ability to adapt to different fishing environments and conditions, making you a versatile fisherman.
  8. Personal Growth: Engaging in the course not only enhances your professional skills but also contributes to your personal growth by developing discipline, perseverance, and a greater appreciation for the fishing industry.

What are the Essential Skills that Need to Be Learned?

This qualification is composed of various units of competency, which encompass the following:


  • Receive and respond to workplace communication
  • Work with others
  • Demonstrate work values
  • Practice basic housekeeping procedures


  • Apply safety measures in farm operations
  • Use farm tools and equipment
  • Perform estimation and calculations
  • Apply food safety and sanitation
  • Prevent and fight fire
  • Provide first aid treatment on board
  • Protect the marine environment
  • Comply with emergency procedures


  • Apply deckhand skills aboard a fishing vessel
  • Load and unload goods/cargo
  • Assemble and repair damaged netting

Sample of Certificate of Completion


Training Duration

A total of 352 hours including all the competencies involved in the Fish Capture NC I.

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Prospective trainees or students interested in enrolling in this course are required to meet the following qualifications.

  1. Able to read and write.
  2. With good moral character
  3. Ability to communicate, both orally and in written
  4. Certified by a Public Health Officer as physically fit and mentally healthy


To enroll in this course, you will need the following documents:

  1. PSA Birth Certificate
  2. High School or College Diploma
  3. Certified True Copy of Official Transcript of Records or Form 137
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character or GMRC
  5. 1 x 1 and/or 2 x 2 pictures

To obtain further details, please reach out to the enrollment site that aligns with your requirements. Kindly note that the criteria may vary.

Instructor’s Qualifications

The trainer qualifications for this Fish Capture NC I require the following:

  • Must hold Fish Capture NC II or equivalent.
  • Must have undergone training in Training Methodology I (TM I)
  • Computer literate
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • 2+ years of job/industry experience required.
  • Must be eligible for civil service or hold an appropriate professional license issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission for government positions. (Only when mandated by the hiring institution)

These requirements ensure the instructor is well-prepared to teach and guide students through the course material, as well as provide necessary support throughout the learning process.


The Fish Capture NC I program offers individuals without prior experience a pathway to a career in the seafood industry. This competency-based program, endorsed by TESDA, provides comprehensive training in catching and delivering seafood products. With the right guidance, individuals can develop their skills and pursue opportunities as fishermen or in seafood delivery. The program focuses on efficient and sustainable fishing practices, equipping students with essential skills and industry knowledge. By taking the Fish Capture NC I course, individuals can acquire job opportunities, enhance their efficiency, and contribute to the sustainable growth of the fishing industry.

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