TESDA Beauty Care Services (Nail Care) NC II Online Course

With the rise in demand for beauty care services, the need for skilled professionals in the industry has become more significant. TESDA Online Program offers Beauty Care Services (Nail Care) NCII Online Course to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to become competent in performing manicure and pedicure services, as well as hand and foot spas.

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The course can be achieved by demonstrating competence in all units/clusters of core units of the qualification, which can be done through assessment in any accredited assessment centers. The Beauty Care Services (Nail Care) NCII Online Course is an excellent opportunity for those who have a passion for beauty and wish to pursue a career in the industry.

A person with this qualification can work as a Manicurist/Pedicurist or Nail Technician.

Beauty Care Services (Nail Care) NC II


The Beauty Care Services (Nail Care) NCII course is a great way to kickstart or enhance your career in the beauty industry. Here are several benefits of taking this course:

  1. Skill Acquisition: The course provides comprehensive training on nail care including manicure, pedicure, and advanced nail art. This allows you to acquire new skills or improve existing ones.
  2. Professional Certification: Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive an NC II certification which is recognized nationally. This can increase your credibility and open up more job opportunities.
  3. Career Advancement: If you’re already working in the beauty industry, acquiring an NC II certification can provide you with better prospects for advancement.
  4. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: With the skills and certification from the course, you can start your own nail salon business, offering professional services to clients.
  5. Flexible Learning: Many institutions offer flexible learning options for this course, allowing you to balance your studies with other commitments.
  6. Practical Training: The course often includes practical training, giving you hands-on experience in the field. This can be beneficial when seeking employment.
  7. Industry Trends: You will learn about the latest trends and techniques in nail care, keeping your skills relevant and up-to-date.
  8. Networking Opportunities: Interacting with instructors and fellow students can help you build a network within the beauty industry, potentially leading to job opportunities or collaborations in the future.
  9. Personal Development: Learning new skills and improving your craft can also lead to personal growth and satisfaction.
  10. High Demand Skills: Nail care services are always in demand, ensuring a steady stream of potential clients and job opportunities.

The Beauty Care Services (Nail Care) NCII course offers numerous benefits, providing you with valuable skills, certification, and opportunities for career advancement or entrepreneurship.

To learn how to enroll in a course in the TESDA Online Program (TOP), click HERE.

Units Covered

In this course, there are 7 units available. Each unit is composed of competencies that will help you gain the essential knowledge and skills needed in providing Beauty Care Services (Nail Care) NCII.

Unit 1: Introduction to Nail Care

Lesson 1: The Nail Technician

Lesson 2: The Nail

Lesson 3: The Bones of the Hand

Lesson 4: The Bones of the Foot

Lesson 5: Contraindications

Unit 2: Materials, Tools, and Equipment Used in Nail Care

Lesson 1: Nail Care Equipment

Lesson 2: Nail Care Tools

Lesson 3: Products/Cosmetics

Lesson 4: Sanitation

Unit 3: Basic Techniques

Lesson 1: Basic Technique: Cutting

Lesson 2: Basic Technique: Filing

Lesson 3: Basic Technique: Cleaning

Lesson 4: Basic Technique: Buffing

Lesson 5: Basic Technique: Polishing

Unit 4: Perform Plain Manicure

Lesson 1: Planning the Treatment

Lesson 2: Plain Manicure Procedure

Lesson 3: Plain Manicure: Polishing

Unit 5: Perform Hand Spa

Lesson 1: Planning the Treatment 2

Lesson 2: Exfoliating Treatment

Lesson 3: Paraffin Wax Treatment

Unit 6: Perform Plain Pedicure

Lesson 1: Plain Pedicure Procedure

Lesson 2: Plain Pedicure: Polishing

Unit 7: Perform Foot Spa

Lesson 1: Sanitation

Lesson 2: Exfoliating Treatment 2

Lesson 3: Post-Services: Aftercare and Advice

Lesson 4: Post-Service Sanitation

Note: TESDA is improving the Training for Work Scholarship Program (TOP) by adding pre and post tests. Completing these tests is mandatory to receive a Certificate of Completion, ensuring program excellence.

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The TESDA Online Program offers the Beauty Care Services (Nail Care) NCII Online Course, providing individuals with skills and knowledge in performing manicures, pedicures, and hand and foot spa services. This course offers numerous benefits, including skill acquisition, professional certification, career advancement, entrepreneurial opportunities, flexible learning options, practical training, industry trend awareness, networking opportunities, personal development, and high-demand skills. With 7 units covering various aspects of nail care, this course is a valuable opportunity for those passionate about the beauty industry.

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