TESDA Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Services (Wheelchair) NC II Course

The Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Services (Wheelchair) NC II course offered by TESDA trains individuals to support wheelchair users, covering competencies in referrals, assessments, procurement, assembly, modification, and maintenance of wheelchairs. This ensures high-quality service in assistive mobility solutions.

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Professionals trained in this area will learn to work closely with wheelchair clinicians to select the right wheelchair size and parts and assist in customization and repair. By ensuring a better fit and providing user training, they significantly improve the mobility and quality of life for wheelchair users, making a vital contribution to rehabilitation technology services.

TESDA Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Services (Wheelchair) NC II Course

Course Description

Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Services (Wheelchair) NC II course aimed at teaching skills in managing wheelchair services, covering referrals, assessments, procurement, assembly, modifications, fitting, training, and maintenance. It combines classroom theory with practical experience at work sites or in simulated settings.

A person with this Qualification is qualified to be:

  • Wheelchair Technician


  • Mastery in handling wheelchair referrals and appointments.
  • Skills in assisting with wheelchair assessments and fittings.
  • Expertise in procuring and assembling wheelchairs and their parts.
  • Ability to fabricate and install wheelchair modifications.
  • Competence in conducting user training sessions.
  • Proficiency in performing wheelchair maintenance and repairs.
  • Enhanced employment opportunities in the assistive technology field.

Units of Competency

This Qualification consists of the following Units of Competency:


  • Participate in workplace communication
  • Work in team environment
  • Solve/address general workplace problems
  • Develop career and life decisions
  • Contribute to workplace innovations
  • Present relevant information
  • Practice occupational safety and health policies and procedures
  • Exercise efficient and effective sustainable practices in the workplace
  • Practice entrepreneurial skills in the workplace


  • Implement and monitor infection control policies and procedures
  • Respond effectively to difficult/challenging behavior
  • Apply basic first aid
  • Maintain high standard of patient/client services


  • Receive wheelchair referral and appointment
  • Assist the wheelchair clinician during assessment
  • Coordinate procurement of the appropriate wheelchair size and its parts
  • Perform wheelchair assembly and modifications
  • Assist the wheelchair clinician in wheelchair checkout and fitting
  • Assist wheelchair clinician in user training
  • Perform maintenance and repair on wheelchairs

Sample of Certificate of Completion


Training Duration

  • Basic Competencies: 37 hours
  • Common Competencies: 112 hours
  • Core Competencies: 106 hours
  • Supervised Industry Learning (SIL): 480 hours (40 hours/week for 12 weeks, based on the devices to be made)

TOTAL: 735 hours


To enroll in this program, applicants must:

  • Have finished at least 10 years of basic education or hold an ALS certificate with grade 10 equivalent; and
  • Have good communication skills

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  1. PSA Birth Certificate
  2. High School or College Diploma
  3. Certified True Copy of Official Transcript of Records or Form 137
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character or GMRC
  5. 1 x 1 and/or 2 x 2 pictures

For more information, please contact the enrollment site that matches your specific needs. Keep in mind that the criteria may vary.

Trainer Qualifications

  • Must hold a National TVET Trainer Certificate (NTTC) Level I in Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Services (Wheelchair) NC II
  • Requires at least two years of industry experience in wheelchair service provision in the last five years
  • Should have a degree in any Allied Health field or related Bachelor’s Degree

These qualifications are important for a trainer to possess in order to effectively teach and train students in the field of Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Services (Wheelchair) NC II.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can enroll in the Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Services (Wheelchair) NC II program?

A: Individuals who have finished at least 10 years of basic education or hold an ALS certificate with grade 10 equivalent and have good communication skills.

2. What are the career opportunities for a graduate of this course?

A: Graduates can become wheelchair technicians, offering assessments, fittings, procurement, modifications, and maintenance. Employment opportunities are available in hospitals, rehab centers, and assistive tech companies.

3. Is there Certificate of Competency given upon completion of the program?

A: Yes, a Certificate of Competency will be awarded to individuals who successfully complete the program and pass the competency assessment conducted by an accredited assessment center.

4. Can I still enroll in this program even without prior knowledge or experience in wheelchair services?

A: This program offers theory and practical skills in wheelchair services for beginners, though a background in allied health or assistive technology could be helpful.

5. Can I apply abroad as a wheelchair technician with this qualification?

A: Graduates may get chances to work abroad, based on each country’s recognition and requirements for wheelchair technicians. Students should explore these opportunities while studying.


The Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Services (Wheelchair) NC II course offers essential skills in high-quality wheelchair services management. It includes competencies in referrals, assessments, procurement, assembly, modifications, fittings, training, and maintenance. This qualification helps professionals enhance the mobility and life quality of wheelchair users. The course takes 735 hours, with specific entry and trainer qualifications required. Enroll to become a certified Wheelchair Technician!

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